Swag Tamizhan is a multi-faceted digital media company based in Chennai, and we offer complete solutions in social media marketing, talent management and video production for brands and influencers. We’ve had some amazing collaborations with top brands including OnePlus India, State Bank of India, Phoenix MarketCity, PVR Cinemas and more. No matter what you do, there’s no category to which we can’t bring our own special flair and liven things up! If you’re looking for a way to amp up the cool quotient and memorability of your public image, we are the agency for you.


Making waves in the online sphere is no longer easy, and intelligent brands have adapted to the situation by partnering with agencies that understand audiences, algorithms and all things digital. In other words – we know what we’re doing, and we’re very good at it! At Swag Tamizhan Studios, we have our finger on the pulse of millennial interests, and develop distinct ways for your brand to communicate with the masses memorably and effectively. From viral content to marketing, we do it all. We make sure that your online presence stays relevant, and we create content for you that will bring in views, clicks and comments that will translate to footfall, revenue and growth. We are especially talented at humanising brands, bringing an element of trust and familiarity to your customer engagement. Our bottomline, core value, be-all and end-all – call it whatever you want! – is always, always about fun. We make people happy. That’s it in a nutshell.
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Syed Mohsin (RJ Syed) is the founder of Swag Tamizhan Studios. As an award-winning RJ (Yo Café on Fever 91.9FM, winner of HT Media’s Best Radio Show - Chennai in 2016 and 2017), VJ at Sun TV, entertainer, emcee, vlogger and digital influencer, he is one of South India’s most popular media personalities. He’s known for putting a smile on anyone’s face – as well as for charming celebrities into doing outrageous things, pepping up the vibe of huge crowds and making people laugh out loud as they unwind on the Internet after a long day!

Zoha Sanofer is Swag Tamizhan Studios’ Head of Business. She is also an RJ at Fever 91.9 FM, a VJ on Kalaignar TV, an entrepreneur, as well as a K-drama addict, bathroom singer and wanderluster. Zoha’s interest in art, combined with her passion for business and her love of all things Chennai, led to her co-founding two exciting businesses: The Chumma Store and Zoha’s Wall, which produce stationery, décor and other merchandise with a hip, local vibe. Zoha’s got it all – sharp professional acumen, a sparkling sense of humour and a knack for knowing what’s going to grab hearts and go viral!


Video production

Concept  |  Scripting  |  Talent recruitment  |  Shooting  |  Editing & post-production
And… action! We’re not just awesome in front of the camera, but we know our way behind it too. Our team can spin magic, knows the ins-and-outs of technology and can develop a video idea from scratch to polished product. Oh, and as our creative mojo is always in supply, we can even provide the ideas too.

Social media marketing

Content Creation  |  Post Design  |  Posting & Boosting  |  Social Media Management
Social media is the best way to create a buzz and get people to participate in your promotions! We can help you connect with the public through special campaigns and eye-catching creatives, as well as hone your web presence itself so that it’s trendy – and trending.

Influencer Management

Social media  |  Live events
Endorsements from influencers can really boost a brand’s promotions. We are well-connected with some of the most stylish, charming and popular personalities in town (what can we say – we share those traits with our friends and associates!). Each influencer has their own unique following, and collaborating with them will bring your promotions to fresh new audiences.

Audio Production

Podcasts  |  Audio jingles  |  Audio commercials
Who needs a camera at all when you’ve got sound effects, voices and melodies? We know what makes radio tick, we know what makes content click, and we can do everything from full-fledged podcast creations to short and snappy (and earworm-inducing!) promotions.